International exhibition “Limits” in dotMED

International exhibition “Limits”  friday 12th of february 2016 in Dublin (Ireland) in Smock Alley theatre ( as the first photography exhibition in dotMED (

Through portrait photographs taken of doctors at the beginning and at the end of the same 24 hour on-call service, Limits reflects the experiences those doctors live during these long hours which transcend much beyond exhaustion and fatigue. These are us and those are our actions. Their look utters without words what occurs during those long hours and could not be photographed. Limits is a tribute to the human side of Medicine, as well as a condemnation of its dehumanization. It is a tribute to those persons attended during that time, being the meaning of our actions. Medicine as a human act par excellence.

Exposición fotográfica internacional el viernes 12 de febrero 2016 en Dublín (Irlanda) en el teatro Smock Alley (( el marco de DotMED (

Este trabajo pretende reflejar y exaltar el humanismo en la medicina, destacar la medicina como acto humano por excelencia, y rechazar la deshumanización de la misma mediante retratos de profesionales sanitarios que muestran sus límites en la entrada y salida de una guardia.

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